Customize the title of the page : OBIEE 11g

 I am on Windows 7 -32 bits -OBIEE and IE8.

 Let us do the modification in common.css file. 2 Nodes ->

.HeaderTitleBarCaption{background-color:#FDF8F8;color:#F50F0F;font-size: 120%;
white-space:nowrap;max-width:600px;background-image:url(../l1_seltab_bg.gif);font-weight:bold;height:16px;padding:6px 1px;margin-bottom:-3px;overflow:hidden;text-overflow:ellipsis;max-width:400px;}

.HeaderTitleBarLeft img,.HeaderTitleBarRight img{vertical-align:top;display:none;}

 Please find the modified version of common.css at :

 As usual we have to keep this at 2 places.




Restart the OBI services. Clear the browser cache.

Few snapshots :

Thank you.

Selection of Reports through dashboard prompt - OBI 10g

Hi All 

The requirement  "Selection of Reports through dashboard prompt" is nothing new and has been covered in many blog posts. 
I happened to work upon the same in the recent past and documented my findings. I am gonna share with you.
Please download it from :

Hope it may help some of you.

Best wishes.

Remove Reset Button - OBIEE

Got a chance to do R&D after looking one question posted on OTN and it was - Whether we can remove Reset button ( reference dashboard prompt ). So let us see if we can do so. I am using OBIEE on Windows 7 -32 bits. I will perform a test on IE8.
First of all have a look at the dashboard prompt and report. Look at the Reset button.

Now basically we are going to delete some code from the existing java script promptsruntime.js
This file is located at 2 places. Hence change should be made at both the places.


I have provided the link from which you can download the modified promptsruntime.js

After you put the modified file at 2 places shown above, restart all the services.Delete cookies,History,cache from the IE browser. Reload the server metadata and files once you logged in to the front end.

And look at the same report- Reset is gone. It is actually gone from all the dashboard prompts.

-- Updating-->

We also have to remove the "Show Reset Button" check box which you can see in the dashboard prompt properties (Edit Page Settings).

For that we have to modify one existing javascript named promptseditor.js Below link will gives you the modified javascript.

Put this file at 2 places.


Restart the services. Clear Browser cache. Reload metadata. Let us see the dashboard prompt editor and you will find the "Show Reset Button" checkbox would have gone.

All the best

Evaluate : Call Function

Good afternoon ..
Have a look at the column JUNK.

It has spaces,special characters. 
I would not want to see them - I want the plain text.
Let us write one function in oracle.

SELECT regexp_replace((regexp_replace(A,'([[:punct:]])')),'[[:blank:]]') INTO B

Now I will call this function in the front end via EVALUATE function.

Let us keep both the columns side by side and we will see the difference.

The same effect can be achieved by nesting the evaluate function
 ( This is nothing but the expression we used in the function above ) 
Since we are using evaluate - we need to be very careful about spaces,single quotes and its syntax.

Have a look at - 

Have a nice day.