Changing the placement of currency name

Usually currency symbol is shown before the currency value ($1000) and currency name appears after the value (1200 USD). In OBIEE,currency name/symbol formatting is handled by currency.xml

Have a look at this report.

In my case currency name is INR.

I want INR to be appeared before the AMOUNT_SOLD column value.

Let us go and open the currency.xml and search for the currency name INR.

Edit the highlighted line. Add a tag : format="$ #"

This will look like:

Save the changes. Restart the BI services. Reload the metadata and clear the browser cache.

Now let's look at the result.


Column Format Value Suppression - Change Default Option

Requirement is to change the default option - Suppress in the Column Format Value Suppression to Repeat.
This is with reference to this OTN POST.

Before modification let us see what we have to achieve.

Take any one presentation column and go to column properties->Column Format
The default value of option "Value Suppression" is set to "Suppress"

We have to change this default option to "Repeat"

Edit the java script file formatcolumn.js which is placed at 2 location:


Change the default value from

var a=XUIGetAttributeString(this.defaultElement.getDefaultFormatting().selectSingleNode


var a=XUIGetAttributeString(this.defaultElement.getDefaultFormatting().selectSingleNode

Restart the BI services. Reload the metadata. Refresh the browser.

You will find the default value being changed to "Repeat"

Here it is-

This is the system wide change so remember to take back-up of the files which you are going to modify.

Thank you.