Remove System Wide Default Change in OBIEE 11g

Hello! Today we are gonna see if we can remove the system wide default change in OBIEE 11g.I am using OBI on Windows 7 - 32 bits with IE8.

Have a look at the Testing Subject Area and the column CUST_ID.
Go to Column Properties and hide it. Save it as system wise default as shown in snap below. 
Look at the column before/after modification.

Go to 

You will find 2 files being created (.txt /.atr) with the subject area name Testing+Subject+Area

Just remember - System wide default file is subject area specific. It means if we do the system wide changes for columns belonging to Testing Subject Area then all those changes will be incorporated in the same file testing+subject+area. Similarly if we do the same for the columns in Sample Sales Lite subject area then those changes would be found in text file of sample+sales+lite as shown in the snap above.

Let's make change in one more column of Testing Subject Area system wide.
This time it is CUST_EMAIL. I have changed its column heading to Customer Email.

So if I open the text file testing+subject+area , I am sure that i would find those 2 changes. Let's see.

Take the backup of this file. 

Now we are going to remove those 2 files - testing+subject+area (.txt and .atr) and restart the BI services

Clear the browser cache,login to the system and reload the metadata files.

You will find that both the changes will have been restored back. See the snap. 

I actually wanted to restore only 1 change ( visibility of column CUST_ID ) but it seems its not possible - You have to remove the entire file and so all the changes of that particular subject area would get restored. This is the limitation but no issues - I can now save the system wise default setting for the column CUST_EMAIL only. 

Thanks - This was just an experiment. You may find some more and interesting results if you try to play around with this option. Good luck.

Change header background color - OBIEE 11g

Change header background in OBIEE
 Solution tested in Windows environment - IE8,Mozilla,Chrome.

 Change the value of 2 nodes in common.css

 ->.HeaderContainer{background-color:#9f0b34;font:11px Tahoma;position:relative;}

 Common.css has to be updated from both the locations at shown below.


You can download the modified version from

Restart the BI services. Clear the browser cache.

Thank you.

Display report subtotal ONLY if multiple values are selected from the dashboard prompt

Hi all - Good afternoon

Of late I attended one technical interview and was asked to solve one scenario. The scenario was : 
   " I have a dashboard prompt on one column say Country. I want to show the subtotal if i select more than one country in the prompt otherwise the report should not have subtotal " - I took my own time but could not answer the question :-( 

Finally I decided to figure out this issue practically and found a solution. Enjoy.. I know you have started guessing the solution and might have found some pointers.

Create a simple report - Label it as NoSubtotal.

Create one report - Subtotal - Here we are subtotal option has been enabled in the table view.

Create one intermediate report - Prod Category Prompt report

Now we have to create a prompt on Product Category and give the reference of presentation variable A.

Now let us go to the dashboard editor and make use of section condition and intermediate report.

Save the changes and test the dashboard. 

Thank you. 
 It might help some of you if by chance you come across with such type of scenario question in an interview process. :-)  Good Luck.

Reduce time to open Login Page - OBIEE 11g

Tried below option and 11g login page got opened little early than it usually takes.
 ( My environment : OBIEE  on Windows 7 - 32 bits)

Stop BI services.

Take back up (if necessary) of most recent log and keep them on local drive 

DELETE LOG FILES from each of the sub folder inside :

DELETE all the Log files in : 

Start BI Services