Go URL with "Return" link

Look at the problem first -
I am using a link object and used a Go URL to display a report.

Let us click on the link.

Now to go back to the previous page , I will have to click the "Back" button of the Browser.

Workaround :- Go to the original report and add a static text view and add the code as shown below. I have added SPAN tags as well so that the return link will appear along with other report links in the dashboard.
Note - You will have to adjust the position parameters (left, top or right ) according to your setup.

<SPAN STYLE="position: relative; left:-4.5px;top:16.1px;">
<A href="javascript:history.back()">- Return</A>

Now go back agian to the dashboard page.

Click again -

Have a look at the "Return" link and now you can go back :-)

(Note: - If at all you don't want the "return" link then there is no need to add the static text view in the original report -simply use "Open in a new window" option in the link object or Back button of the browser if you want the report to be opened on the same page. )

Have a nice day !

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