Groupings - Report column values and Prompt values

This exercise is carried out on OBIEE 10g Version - Paint Subject area.

Look at the report below :

I would like to group the first 3 Brands namely 'Enterprise', 'Magicolor', 'McCloskey' as [A] and the remaining Brand 'Valpsar' as [B]

I am going to edit the column formula of Brand.

I have added a presentation variable as a filter on the column Brand - Name it as A

Create a dashboard prompt on column Brand. 

Sql used to populate the prompt is ->

SELECT case WHEN Products.Brand IN ('Enterprise', 'Magicolor', 'McCloskey') then 'A' else 'B' end  FROM Paint

We have also set the presentation variable to A. Give a label to the prompt and save.

Now pull the prompt and report on the dashboard and let us see the result.


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