Configuring BIComposer

This article explains the configuration of Bi Composer. 
Environment : OBIEE 11g -Windows 7-32bits -Oracle database 11g.
Here we begin.

Stop the BI Services.

Go to Weblogic Configuration wizard. The path is shown below.

Just follow the steps as shown in the series of snaps below.


Now Start the BI Services and Open the Console application as shown below.

Press Lock & Edit button. Go to bifoundation_domain - Services - Data Sources as shown below.
Follow the instructions as shown in the snaps below.

So we have tested the JDBC connection and its successful.
Note : (Look at the snap "Create a new JDBC Data Source" - In the database name I have given the full name Earlier I had given orcl only but the JDBC connection failed so you may try giving full name )

Click Finish.
Activate the changes as shown below.

Changes have been activated.

Now login to Enterprise Manager and go to Deploy option as shown in the snapshot below.

Follow the onscreen instructions and steps as shown below.
Select the .ear file in the path shown below.

Click on the pencil-shaped button and select mds-bicomposer and press OK.

Partition name : bicomposer - Next.


We will have BiComposer in Application Deployments. Right click and go to System MBean Browser as shown below.

Search for oracle.adf.share.connections and expand it till you get bi-default. 
Edit the username and password as shown below. Apply changes.

Go to ADFConnections - Operations tab - Click on Save button and Invoke.

Add an entry in the instanceconfig file

Now we have to restart the BI services. Clear the browser cache and remove temporary internet files.

Login to OBIEE 11g analytics. Reload the metadata files. Refresh the browser.
Now go to Weblogic-My Account- Make the Accessibility mode ON.

Now go to New - Analysis and select any of the subject areas - for ex - Testing subject area and a new page will open.

This is BI Composer. In the next article we will see how we can make use of this BI Composer to do the analysis.

Note : After you are done with your work with BI Composer and go back to Analytics and turn off the Accessibility mode otherwise next time when you login to analytics you will see limited option being present on the home page ( Administration link would have gone so be careful with that. )

Thank you and good luck.


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