Failed to open connection to SMTP server : OBI11g Scheduler error

Sometime back I had configured a scheduler in OBIEE 11g and everything was perfect. I was able to catch alerts on the dashboard but I had not been able to send mails even though mail configuration was seemed to be correct. In the scheduler log I kept getting an SMTP kind of error.
"Failed to open connection to SMTP server"

At first I thought there was a problem with SMTP server name and the port. So I decided to run the Telnet session using the given SMTP server and port and it worked. Hence it confirmed that SMTP server name and the port number was all right.

After some research I found that the Antivirus ( McAfee in my case ) was blocking the SMTP port 25 and the SMTP server  did not want the username and password to get authenticated. So I did the following and I could receive the mails.

Step 1: Go to All programs ->McAfee->VirusScan Console and click on Access Protection and uncheck the do the following as shown in the snap below.

Apply the changes and say OK.

OR Right click on Access Protection and check Disabled.

Step 2:  Log in to Enterprise manager. You have to remove the mail.server key. 
Follow the steps as shown below.

Delete the key mail.server

Check your mail tab in the Deployment: Username and Password would have gone.

Step 3:
Restart all the OBI services.

Once done-log in to the OBIEE front end. Clear the browser cache-Refresh metadata.
Run the agent.

You will receive a mail.

Thanks and 

Have a nice day !!!