Select dashboard from the drop down list in OBIEE 11g

I have 2 main dashboards namely "Quickstart" and "Testdashboard". 
User doesn't want to see them lying horizontally on the Home/main page of the OBIEE11g.
He further wants a drop down listing all the dashboards. Here we go.

Firstly from the Home page of OBIEE11g - I opened the dashboard "Quickstart" and copied the URL and kept it aside.  

Similarly  from the Home page of OBIEE11g - I opened the dashboard "TestDashboard" and copied the URL and kept it aside.

Observe carefully the below code:

<script type="text/javascript"> 
<table bgcolor="#A52A2A">
<font color="#FFFFFF">
<h3>Select dashboard from the drop down list.<h3></font>
<SELECT NAME="url" onchange="document.getElementById('myframe'). src=this.value"> <OPTION VALUE="None" style="font-family:arial;color:red;font-size:90px;">Select a dashboard 

<OPTION VALUE="http://usblrnmehandal1:7001/analytics/saw.dll?Dashboard&PortalPath=%2Fshared%2FSample%20Lite%2F_portal%2FQuickStart&page=Readme">Quickstart

<OPTION VALUE="http://usblrnmehandal1:7001/analytics/saw.dll?Dashboard&PortalPath=%2Fshared%2FTesting%2F_portal%2FTestDashboard&page=Test1">Testdashboard

<iframe id="myframe" height="1500" width="1500" src="about:blank"></iframe> 

I have created an empty dashboard - "All Dshboards" 

Use Text object and insert the above code. Select the HTML option. Change the color of the dashboard column to Lemon Chiffon (#FFF8C6)

We can set this "All Dashboard" as a default dashboard from the My account.
Now whenever you log in to the OBIEE 11g front end you will get to see - this one -

Select Quickstart dashboard -

Select Testdashboard -

Remember whenever you create a new DASHBOARD - add the URL of the dashboard to the code . Observe the Option value tag.


Have a nice day !!!