OBIEE coreapplication doesn't start due to the error : MBean attribute access denied


 I happened to install OBIEE on my machine. Installation went fine and I could log in to the front end for the first time. Today when i started the BI services - even after waiting for a long time I could not see the starting page of OBIEE , so i checked the EM and saw this error MBean attribute access denied due to which coreapplication was not up.

I found this note -[ID 1439413.1] in oracle support knowledge database, As per this note I just had to change one setting in the configuration file.

Search for dms_config.xml in



Change this entry: 
<dump intervalSeconds="10800" maxSizeMBytes="75" enabled="true"/>
<dump intervalSeconds="10800" maxSizeMBytes="75" enabled="false"/>

I restarted the BI services and could log in to the front end without any errors.

Thanks to Oracle Support.

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Murugesh Chidambaram said...

We are facing an issue, where the OBIEE web site shows "Loging in.. Please wait.." for a long time. It stuck there forever. We bounced our services and it worked fine. One of our finding was there was an error in the NQSquery saying "Authentication Failed". Please suggest in this regard.

Many thanks,