Dynamic columns with filters

Environment - OBIEE 11g/Windows 7/Tested on IE 8 and Mozilla.

What is the requirement ? :
There are 2 prompts. 
From the first from user wants to select the period ( Yearly/Monthly/Quarterly).
Upon selecting the values from this prompt - the second prompt should display the column values dynamically. Based on those prompts user wants the underlying report to be filtered out.

Step 1: Create a review period prompt.
This is a variable prompt. Enter the custom values. The prompt makes use of presentation variable A.

Step 2: Create second prompt that dynamically select the column based upon the selection from your first prompt in the step 1.
As shown in the snapshot- Edit the column formula of the prompted column. This prompt uses the presentation variable B. Operator is "is Between".

Step 3: Create a report. Here for testing purpose i have created a very simple report without any metrics.

Follow the three steps as shown in the snapshot. 
Create a report with 3 columns - Year/Quarter/Month. Then go add filters and select a "Day Name" column from the Date dimension and edit its column formula. Then add a filter on this column. Refer the presenation variable B here.

Save the reports and add all all the objects to the dashboard.

Thank you.

Best wishes.

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