Use XML and Modify Report

Requirement :

A Summary X report has 3 dimensions (A| B|C)and several metrics. (M1|M2|M3|M4|M5}M6)
One of the metrics (say metric M1) has 5 action links (drill down reports R1,R2,R3,R4,R5)
User wants to see the 5 action links on dimension C as well.

Search for the word Metric M1 in the XML , look for the tag as shown below -

<saw:actionLinks showPopupMenuForOneLink="true" appliesToTotal="false">

The above line is the starting of the tag Action Link (placed on Metric M1 column)
Copy the entire content between the starting and end of action link tag.

<saw:actionLinks showPopupMenuForOneLink="true" appliesToTotal="false">
------          <<Code>>       -----
-------    <<code>> ------------

Now look for the word C (Dimension C)  in the same XML and carefully paste the above code between start and end of formatSpec tag.

This should look like this-

<saw:formatSpec suppress="suppress" wrapText="true" interaction="action">
<saw:actionLinks showPopupMenuForOneLink="true" appliesToTotal="false">
------          <<Code>>       -----
-------    <<code>> ------------


Just apply this new XML and you are done. You can find the 5 action links in column C as well.

Note –

Point No 1:

You have to put the action links on the VALUE part of the column, that is column formula. (And not the Header part)
Therefore you have to put the code between <DisplayFormat> tags for the column formula of Attribute C and not the column name header of C.

Point No 2:
Following tags must be present.
<saw:formatSpec suppress="suppress" wrapText="true" interaction="action"></saw:formatSpec>
If you find the formatSpec  with no interaction, you will have to change it.

Point No 3 :
It was found that after applying the changes,Data format of the column (here say D1) gets changed by itself to different format…as shown below

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