Font Size and Colour Prompt

Hello !

In this exercise, we are going to give the end users an option to select the color and size of 
font of the values in table view.

Let us take a preview of what we are supposed to show on the dashboard.

Select Font Size =3 and Color as Green

Select Font Size =8 and Color as Blue

Let us see how to develop.

Create 2 Variable Prompts. [ COL and FZ ]

Font Color - (red,green,blue)
Font Size - (3,5,8)

Now create a report. Add 3-4 columns.

Go to first column and edit column formula in a following manner.

And in the Data format, choose HTML type.

Make the changes for the remaining columns in the same manner.

Note - In case you have NUMERIC column, you will have to typecast it.

Like this -->

And then change the data format as HTML

That's it. You are done and ready to test the dashboard.

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