Run OBIEE Agent via Button Event - Part 1

Before I begin to write anything I must note that I have taken the Java script code from

I have done modifications to the code according to my OBIEE webcat setup.

Let us start the exercise.

I have created 3 agents as shown below.

Capture the paths of these agents as we are going to create one variable prompt using them. 

Look here.

Variable Prompt name is PATH.

Now open the JS code and in the below line

// set agent path
ibotHandler.tItemInfo = {'path': '/shared/Example agents/Test Agent 01'};

Change the path of the agent in the shared folder to '@{PATH}'


Now, Create one intermediate report. We shall be using it in Guided Navigation Condition.

Please focus on the column expression and the advanced SQL filter.

Go to Dashboard Editor.

Add the variable in first section.

In the second section, add the static text object. Put the code. Enable HTML.

In the second section condition, add below condition :

Okay, so we are done. Save the changes and Run the dashboard.

Select any agent from the list.

Click on Run Agent Button.

Agent is running. .. ..

Agent has executed successfully.

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