OBIEE 11g : coreapplication_obisch1 is down

I have been working on OBIEE since quite a long time and all of a sudden some day something went wrong and I could not log in to OBIEE front end. Front end said "Invalid User Name or Password"

I just looked at the status of the services and found that scheduler (coreapplication_obisch1) was down.

Looked at the Scheduler and server logs.

Tried to connect to database : First with schema SH user and then with System user.

Oracle was not available. So used the startup command. 

Restarted the BI services and found scheduler was up. 

And I could log in to front end.

Note : There could be many other reasons that could bring down the scheduler - In my case I found that Oracle was not available from the log files and hence the 'startup database' solved the issue.

Thank for taking your time to read this post. I hope it may be useful when your scheduler gets down and your oracle is not available. :-)

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Avinash obiee said...

I too have a same issue now.. Co-reapplication BI Scheduler is down.

Please if it anyone can help me with this.

Thanks in Advance