Unable to apply IS BETWEEN Saved Filter : OBIEE

Thanks to Mark.T who raised one doubt on OTN and made me to reproduce the issue.
     I am on OBIEE - Windows  7 - 32 bit - AND using IE8.

 Look at the report - It is very simple - It has a filter - IS BETWEEN on a measure column.

Let us save this filter. Name it as BETWEEN filter.

Now REMOVE THIS SAVED FILTER and try to add the same from where you have saved it.

You will not able to see the SAVED filter "BETWEEN Filter" getting added to report neither you get any kind of response from the presentation server.

Ok - So let us find out out the workaround.  Go to the Home page of OBIEE 11g and edit the Filter.

Simply select the check box option "Convert this filter to SQL"

SAVE the changes. Go back to the same report.
AND now try adding the same filter ...

Husshh..I can now add my saved filter. 

(Note : I encountered this issue on IS BETWEEN filter and on IE browser - You may or may not find it with some other kinds of filters Or browsers -I do not know - Other kinds of filters behaved in a normal manner.)

Thank you for taking your time to read this article.

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Anonymous said...

Mark T. here - I was using Firefox, so it is likely not a browser-specific issue.

Venkat krishna said...

Venkat here--- You cannot apply any saved filter in OBIEE Is is not just in between filter.... That's what I find out.. May be specific to me...

Anonymous said...

This is not a Browser issue ... and neither it is true that Saved filter not applied properly in reports . The issue already identified and the solution in brief .. http://debaatobiee.wordpress.com/2012/05/14/obiee-11g-up-gradation-issueschallenges-11-1-1-5-and-6-too/

"In 11g .6 version has some issue with the Saved Filter post up-gradation and clicking on that filter view doesn’t pop-up the filter criteria and even the view doesn’t display anything in Dashboard page if we clicked it. However building the Saved filter from scratch resolves the problem. So issue there in catalog copy post .6 up-gradations. The problem identified later with the Integer value based column in filter criteria and the resolution is convert that to advanced SQL based values and that will sort out the problem . This is definitely another 11g .6 version bug."

But thanks for sharing the solution graphically :)


Nachiket Mehendale said...

Thanks Debashis -
I was not aware that this was a known issue - I was simply recreating the issue and found one workaround and thought would be useful for future reference.
- I will definitely have a look into the link you provided.