XML Search And Replace : Useful option

HI ALL - I am sure that most of you must have already used the feature XML Search and Replace. I happened to use it recently and found very useful. 

I had a subject area "SH1" and many reports were built around it as you can see below.

I was asked to change the name of the subject area SH1 to "Testing Subject Area" and so I went to RPD and renamed the SH1 folder.

And I opened the front end ( Reloaded metadata) and found the subject area name being changed to Testing Subject Area in the Analysis section.

Now I tried to edit the reports which were built on Testing Subject Area ( - The new name of SH1 )

Have a look at the warning : Either you do not have permission to use the subject area SH1 within Answers, or the subject area does not exist

I opened one of the reports shown above and went to Advance tab. Let us see the XML code.

So to resolve this issue - I went to Catalog Manager in Offline Mode and selected the option 
"XML Search/Replace" from the Tools.
I replaced

subjectArea=""Testing Subject Area""

Say OK.
It replaced and showed what all the items were changed.

Say OK.
Close the catalog manager. Stop all the BI services and start them again.
Clear the RPD cache, Browser cache. Reload the metadata in the front end.

Now try to click the Edit button of any of those reports from the Home Page and you will get to see the renamed subject area name.

Done !!!

Thank you.

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