Advanced Trellis View

Advanced Trellis View is widely used in OBIEE reporting applications. 

Let us look at how to create it.

Have 3 dimensions and 2 measures in a report.

For ex - Region | Sub Region | Year Month | Actual Value | Target Value

Filter condition : Year = 2015

It makes sense when an appropriate time dimension attribute such as Yearmonth is included in the report. 

Here we have put Region column in prompt section, Sub region in Rows section.

For both the measures (Actual Value and Target Value), we have selected the visualization type as Spark Bar.

Let us modify the graph properties.

Note that we have checked <include NULL rows> options.

Graph output - 

When you hover your mouse over one of the measures it shows the measure value for
Start  - In this case target value for the starting yearmonth in the recordset
End - In this case target value for the last yearmonth in the recordset
Min - In this case the minimum target value in the recordset
Max - In this case the maximum target value in the recordset

Yearmonth values are shown directly. If we can add yearmonth caption then it would be more meaningful.

Let us go to Yearmonth column and modify the column formula.

Hover you mouse again over the Target value column in the view.

Thank you.

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