Using clause SELECT_BUSINESS_MODEL in dashboard prompt

Issue :

A dashboard prompt is to be created on a certain column (ex - Payment Description). Not all the values it should display. And that it should display only those values where Payment Key is equal to 0 or -1 or -2. But note that here the Payment Key is NOT exposed to presentation layer. So how can we create a prompt ? 

Answer : Use SELECT_BUSINESS_MODEL clause.

Look at BMM and Presentation layer.
Payment key is not available in presentation layer.

  Please carefully look at the syntax of SELECT_BUSINESS_MODEL clause.

  "<<Column name in BMM layer>>"


  "<<Subject Area Name in BMM layer>>"."<<Table Name in BMM layer>>"


  "<<Column name in BMM layer>>" in ('0','-1','2')

"Method Of Payment Desc"
"Enterprise - Billing Operations"."Dim - Method of Payment Previous"
"Method Of Payment Key" in ('-2','-1','0')

Look at the result

If anyone faces such type of issue, hopefully this blog post might prove useful.


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