Action linking inline prompt

Look at the problem.

I have an inline prompt. Look at the screen shots below.


I have a graph that shows Product Category vs Dollars and on Product Category I have added the Action link - (In the action link, I have selected the report Inline prompt which I have shown above)

Now when I click on any of the values of Product Category , let us see what will happen.

I actually wanted to see the Inline prompt and select the desired value of Calender year from the drop down list and then wanted to see the Inline prompt report.

Let us see the solution. First of all go to the HOME page of the OBIEE11g and select the "open" link shown below the "Inline Prompt" report.

Now go back to criteria of the Graph and interaction tab of the column Product Category. Let us first REMOVE the older Action link.

We have to add a new one - Select the option "Navigate to a web page" and paste the above URL. ALSO in the options tab - select the option "Open a new window".

Save the changes. Refresh the browser window. I cleared the cache as well.

Now I am going back to graph and clicking on the any of the values of Product  category. Let us see what happens.

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