Custom date time in Title view - Part 1

It is possible to make use of session variable in the title view of OBIEE.

I have created a session variable that shows the current time in a customized way. 

Name of the session variable is CT. 

SQL used to populate this variable is -

select to_char(sysdate,'DD-MM-YYYY,HH24:MI:SS') from dual

[ Note: You may use the below sql in order to display AM or PM - ]

Save and I restarted the services and clear the cache as usual.

Now create a very simple report and open the compound layout view. 

Now go to the Title view and in the Title paste the below thing.

Started time is @{biServer.variables['NQ_SESSION.CT']}

( Syntax to use session variable is @{biServer.variables['NQ_SESSION.variablename']} )

Uncheck the box "Display saved Name"

Result -

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