Play a video clip in OBIEE

I was actually wanted to host a virtual directory using the web logic server in OBIEE 11g and place all the video and audio files there. But I am unable to find the way as yet so for the time being here is the workaround.

Turn on the windows IIS feature from the Control panel - Install/Uninstall program section

Reboot the computer. Go to C drive and in the options - select view all hidden folders.
Find out the C:\inetpub\wwwroot and create a folder inside this location and place all your files in that folder.
For Example.

Go to command prompt and restart IIS service.
iisreset /noforce <Computer name>

The video file can be accessible using this URL-


Now go to the OBIEE11g or 10g ( I am using Internet Explorer )
Go to Edit dashboard and add Text object.

Put this kind of code: 

<embed src="http://USBLRNMEHANDAL1/Nachiket/123.wmv" width="420" height="250" CONTROLLER="true" LOOP="false" AUTOPLAY="false"></embed>

Don't forget to check the HTML box.

Save the changes .

Play the video on this dashboard page :-)

Enjoy and let me know if anybody knows how to deploy a virtual directory in web logic server with steps.


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