Actions in Agents - Part 2

Moving a file upon a successful completion of Agent

Create a simple report and build an agent on it.
Create a javascript and keep it in 


Ex- EF.js

Go to the tab Actions of the Agent and select Invoke Server Script.

Edit Action as shown above.

Language -  JavaScript
Script Path - C:\OBIEE\instances\instance1\bifoundation\OracleBISchedulerComponent\coreapplication_obisch1\scripts\common\EF.js

Define Parameters.

1> Row one
      Name - 0
      Prompt - parameter(0):
      Value - C:\\OBIEE\\123.txt
2> Row two
      Name - 1
      Prompt - parameter(1):
      Value - C:\\OBIEE\\instances\\

Note - In this example - I am moving the file 123.txt from C:\OBIEE to C:\OBIEE\instances

Save and execute the Agent.Search for the file -

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Fin99 said...

Thank you. Excellent illustration with simple script.

Nachiket Mehendale said...

My pleasure.

PhaniG said...

Hi Nachiket,

Does this script works on Linux too?

I tried it but failed.