Two prompts on the Year column on the same page

Aim - There are 2 prompts on Year. There are 2 simple reports both include the column Year. All these objects are put on the same page of the dashboard. Year_Prompt1 should change the Year values in Report 1 only. Similarly Year_Prompt2 should change the Year values in Report 2 and it should not affect the Report 1 data.

Workaround in OBIEE 11g.

1> Let us create a VARIABLE PROMPT - Year and insert the Year values manually - 1998,1999,2000.
     Name the Variable as A. Give proper label. Input is Choice list for example.

2>Let us create one simple Report 1.

In this report , Year column is filtered on a Presentation variable A - default value 1998.

3>Let us create a column prompt on column Year.

Prompt input is list box. Prompt value is defaulted to 1998.

4>Let us create one more report 2. Year is prompted. 


Let us put all these things on the same dashboard page.

Try changing the value in Year prompt 1 ( Drop down choice list ) and ensure that it is affecting the data only in Report 1 and not in Report 2  and
Year prompt 2 ( List box ) changes the data only in Report 2 and not in Report 1.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

In this article, first prompt is not on Year column. It's just a prompt (Variable). Try creating both the prompts on the Year column (Column prompts). Both will interact each other. Do you know the solution for that?

Nachiket Mehendale said...

RC has given an idea on this thread

I did not know this before.