Hide the message "Preparing Guided Navigation" in OBIEE

You might have come across with this kind of message when you use guided navigation logic.

There is a way to hide this message and the background yellow colored strip.

  Edit the two CSS files.


Look for this class marked with Black border

Edit as shown below in the CSS file at both the locations:


This will remove the yellow colored strip.

Now we have to remove the actual message "Preparing Guided Navigation"

For that purpose go to C:\OracleBI\web\msgdb\l_en\messages\portalsysmessages.xml

and look out for this tag - 

Remove this message. 

<WebMessage name="kmsgDashboardPrepareGuided"><HTML></HTML></WebMessage>

Now restart the OBI services. You will find that the message "Preparing Guided Navigation" with the yellow strip in the background has been disappeared.

Happy Learning !!!


Anonymous said...

I tried the above steps in AIX server and we restarted the services also.But changes are not reflected in reports.Do we need any license to make changes in the production server?

Nachiket Mehendale said...

You may recheck your steps and try clearing temp files and browser cache;reload the metadata server.This should work then.Good luck.